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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Mingling of Cultures 

This afternoon I was watching the Braves-Phillies game with my new roommate, who hails from India and is in the MBA program at UT. He knows almost nothing about baseball, and he asked a lot of questions about the game.

I had to explain the difference in balls and strikes, fastballs and curveballs, and the AL and the NL. Though annoying at first, I found the tutorial kind of fun after a while. He said that at his Catholic grade school in India, they played softball, but he never saw it anywhere else in the country. I thought it was funny that he kept calling the pitcher the "bowler," like in cricket.

I couldn't imagine how weird it must be to live in a foreign country. I've watched baseball all of my life, so some of his questions seemed elementary (e.g., What happens if the batter hits it out of the field?). I suppose, though, that I would be at just as much of a loss if I were trying to watch a cricket match.


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