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Monday, July 19, 2004

Blog: New Direction 

The light amount of postings in the past week or two might indicate that I've become burned out on blogging after just three months. That's not really true, but I'm definitely burned out on something.
Anyway, I think I want to change things up a little on here. Basically, that means less linking and more original writing. Part my reasoning for starting this blog was that I wanted put my Journalism degree to work -- more than just my monthly INsite pieces. Besides, while most of the links I include have a small bit that I add, the more I think about it, the more I realize that if you just wanted to know what other bloggers think, you'd read their blogs. The ones I usually cite are among the most widely read blogs on the Web.
So that's my plan. I welcome your opinions, too, via the comments section or even e-mail. One last thing: I'm adopting the Baseball Crank's method for labeling entries by category. I know some people like to read my Pop Culture posts, but aren't wild about the Astros stuff. And others might like to skip the politics. With the labels, you can do a CTRL-F search for only the content that appeals to you.


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