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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Blog: Check out 'Austin Bums' 

One of my good friends is a creative genius. Seriously. He comes up with the funniest stuff all of the time. Unfortunately, his planned projects don't always get off of the ground.

Until now.

May I present: Austin Bums. The newest foray into the blogosphere chronicles the characters and antics that comprise Austin's vagrant scene. What can you expect from Austin Bums? Here's a general idea:

I name them. I name the bums. Sometimes they get names because of their look. Sometimes because of demenor. Sometimes because of their accesories. Sometimes because I just feel like it. I like to see what their signs say. How often do they switch them up? Can they spell? Do they work in groups like those Lost World dinosaurs with the face flaps that ate the fat guy at the beginning of the movie? Are they crazy? Do they have some sort of special bummy flair that differentiates them from the rest of the bum Pantheon?

After a while you'll start to truly understand and see the Person behind the Bum. Of course this will be through my eyes and through my twisted view of these panhandling vagrants. Basically this blog is about you...and me...but more likely it's about bums. Truly I don't know what this will be about because I like tangents. And I like to roll with the punches. And I like to go out on a limb. And I like to venture forth, to stray. And I like redundancy.

I'll also look to enlist some of my friends and coworkers and whomever to post their accounts of bums or whatever as well. So next time you see a bum, don't look away and don't reach down into your ashtray to pull out some ashy coinage. Watch. Observe. Report. Give them names. Figure out what they might do if they weren't bums. Make funny faces at them. But be careful, they could be dangerous and have rabies or Rabbit Pox or worst of all SARS or the Bird Flu. So keep your eyes open and your wallet closed.
Austin Bums. Bookmark it, and get ready to laugh.


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