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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Astros-Dodgers 7/8 

Craig Biggio moves into a tie for second on the all-time Astros HR list with No. 223, a two-run bomb in the 3rd to put Houston up 2-0.

Trivia question: Bidge now has 13 HRs on the season, two more than Bagwell's 11. When was the last time that Craig went deep more times in a seaon than Bags?

Par for the course

Duckworth lasted a whole 3.2 innings, surrendering 3 ER and 7H. He pitched well early, but got himself in trouble in the 4th, though LA's first it was a pop-up that both Kent and Beltran seemed to lose in the twilight.

Gallo comes on for one batter and walks him to load the bases. But Kirk Bullinger gets Cesar Izturis to dribble one to Baggy for the final out. Bags had a tough time getting a handle on it, but shoveled it to Bullinger in time. Maybe he actually chunked it. With his shoulder, it's hard to tell. 3-2 Dodgers going into the 5th.

Futility, they name is Astro

Jose Vicaino rips a sure double to RF -- diving catch by Jason Werth. Adam Everett rips a sure double to CF -- diving catch by Milton Bradley.

It's offical: this team cannot buy a break. The bullpen can't buy an out either, it seems. 6-2 Dodgers. No need for a 7th inning stretch -- Werth and Bradley already took care of that.


When Orlando Palmeiro fouled off a should-have-been ball four -- a fastball three inches off of the ground -- one pitch before striking out, I thought Houston had wasted an opportunity to get something going down 7-2 in the 8th.

Little did I know. Darren Dreifort promptly walked the bases loaded for Lance Berkman. Great development, huh? For a double play, yes. 6-4-3 later and it's still 7-2.

Tonight's piss-poor effort is made worse when I realize that I could have been watching Seinfeld for the past half-hour.

Funny: Tim Redding nails Paul Lo Duca in the upper arm. The fans, of course, jeer and serenade Redding with chants of "ass-hole." They obviously haven't seen much of Redding this year, if they think he can intentionally hit a spot like that.

Trivia answer:

Biggio hit 22 Hrs in 1995, eclipsing Bags by one.

Line of the night:

"Jimy Williams never gives up the fight. Even down 7-2 with one at-bat left, he's still out there managing."

- Jim Deshaies

You know, if I thought my ass was about to get fired, I'd probably try to soak up my last few experiences on the job, too.


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