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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Astros-Dodgers 7/10 

From the "What More Can Go Wrong" Department: A lazy pop-up that should have been the third out, falls safely when Jeff Kent loses it in the sun.

2-0 Dodgers going into the 4th. Jose Lima is pitching like Cy Young right now.

The more that can go wrong:

Baggy leads off the 4th with a double. The the 3-4-5 hitters (Beltran, Berkman and Kent) go quietly. Carlos at least made solid contact. Berk popped up the first offering, and Kent struck out on a ball two feet outside, after getting ahead in the count, 3-0.

If I weren't sore all over from yesterday's water volleyball tournament (My team, Aqua Sanchez, took second) I'd turn off the TV and go practice hitting my new driver.


Carlos F'ing Beltran goes deep! 2-2 in the 6th.

I think all Houston-area stores should put out collection jars to help raise money to re-sign Beltran. Seriously, at this point, all I want for Christmas is a deal that keeps Carlos in brick and sand for years to come.

Farewell, Jimy!

Paul Lo Duca's 8th inning grand slam closed the door on Houston's chances to win. It also likely closed the door on Jimy Williams' two-plus years as Astros manager. I can't say that I'd be upset. Though I don't think he's the sole reason Houston sits at .500 in July, I've never been a big Jimy fan.

I expect an official announcement on Wednesday or Thursday. Of course that's just a gut feeling -- no one is, of yet, breaking news of Jimy's firing, but like an Octavio Dotel blown save, it's not hard to see.


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