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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

2004 College Football season preview 

According to my crystal ball (aka NCAA 2005's simulation mode), Texas' 2004 season will look like this:

W 27-17 v. North Texas
W 35-30 @ Arkansas
W 59-6 v. Rice
W 59-28 v. Baylor
L 24-30 @ #2 Oklahoma (Dallas)
L 23-31 v. #17 Missouri
W 36-29 @ Texas Tech
W 41-38 @ #25 Colorado
L 24-31 v. Oklahoma State
W 34-7 @ Kansas
W 48-42 v. Texas A&M
L 7-26 v. Michigan (Alamo Bowl)
Two home losses? Not even the TRCM could manage that. In fact, for all of his bumblings against OU, Brown has lost a grand total of two home games in his six seasons at UT. And an Alamo Bowl loss to Michigan, while unlikely, wouldn't be the strangest thing that could happen this season.

USC wins the National Title with an Orange Bowl victory against LSU. Here is the simulation's complete BCS rundown:

Orange- USC 44, LSU 21
Sugar- W. Virginia 47, Florida State 42
Fiesta- S. Carolina 37, Oklahoma 30
Rose- Nebraska 33, Michigan State 26
Heisman Trophy winner: Darren Sproles, Kansas State; 272 car, 1690 yards; 13 rec, 204 yards, 24 total TDs

I guess this all means that we're in for one crappy year of college football. The funny thing is that the game shows its realism. Despite going 8-4 with a pathetic showing in the Alamo Bowl, Texas finishes the year at #19. The TRCM can really sell that snake oil, even in the EA Sports universe.


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