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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The 2004 All-Star Game 

First off, let me say that it's BS that Barry Larkin's sympathy vote earned him a trip, while Craig Biggio -- a much more deserving player -- watches on TV.

Player intros: former Astro watch

Randy Johnson receives thunderous cheers; Mo Alou does not. Good. RJ did everything within his power to get Houston that elusive playoff series win (despite his 0-2 record in the 98 NLDS). I think that most Houston fans still appreciate the Big Unit's contribution. Alou, on the other hand, did squat. I didn't like him before he came to Houston, I grudgingly cheered for him while he was here, and the second he left town I didn't shed a tear at all.

Player intros: Astro rival watch

Any Astros fan that didn't boo: Alou, Sammy Sosa, Mike Piazza, Tom Glavine or any Cincinnatti Red, deserves a kick in the nuts.

Bringing up the rear

Houston starters Lance Berkman, Jeff Kent and Roger Clemens will bat 7-8-9 tonight. I wonder if it's the first time a team has had three representatives, only to have them bat in the last three spots of the order?

National Anthem: excuse me?

Who the hell is Fantasia? Tell me that Destiny's Child is on tour, because even though I'm not a fan, either Beyonce or Kelly Rowland -- both Houstonians -- would have made much, much better choices.

The Greatest: Ali throws out the first pitch

Great moment: Ali shadowboxes as both teams crowd around. Muhammed, there's no need to pull that punch on A-Rod! Knock him out!


Two HRs, a triple, a double, a single and an error. Add'em up and what do you have? 6 AL runs in the top of the 1st is what. Get it out of your system, Rocket. Good Lord, what a nightmare.

Mike Piazza sucks

Thanks for killing a potential NL rally, Mike. Berk was about to go deep.

Ho Hum

Awful showing for the Houston contingent. That's enough All-Star game for me. I'm off to play NCAA 2005.


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