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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Morning Sports Shorts 

Random sports thoughts while waiting for the Big Red Machine to bust a sprocket...

Warner, Testaverde get the axe: Now the duo get to stare across the field at each other twice this season while they're holding clipboards in New York and Dallas, respectively. I'm glad the Boys are grabbing Vinny. He'll provide a valuable service in molding a stable of young QBs. Warner will provide an equally valuable service in the Big Apple, helping to mold young medical staff.

Detroit eliminates Indiana, wins East: Our long national nightmare is over! Can we just hand LA the trophy now?

MLB All-Star ballot leaders announced: New era in H-town? Two Astros, Kent and Adam Everett, not Bagwell and Biggio, lead their positions. Other leaders include Nomar (AL SS; hasn't played yet this season) and Piazza (NL C; played first base almost exclusively this season).

Holy War in September: Notre Dame shifts its schedule to open against the Mormons from BYU instead of Michigan. I can see the t-shirts in South Bend now -- Catholics v. Kooks.

SI's Tom Verducci ranks the MLB 'pens: Boston, check. LA, no doubt. Anaheim, certainly. Philly, okay. Pittsburgh? HUH? I hate Cincinnatti, but Danny Graves has 25 saves already. 25! Shouldn't that crack the Top Five?

Major Applewhite to Tampa?: No, but Peter King thinks Chris Simms could helm the Bucs QB position by mid-season. I'm sure the Major cultists will be ready to boo at a moment's notice.


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