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Friday, October 01, 2004

Longhorns: The Baylor Game 

The first time I ever attended a colege football game, Texas played Baylor. In fact, my first three college games were Texas-Baylor games, I think, all in Waco's Floyd Casey Stadium.

Texas lost each game.

It's hard to believe now that Baylor was once a thorn in Texas' side. The Bears compiled a solid 7-7 record in their fourteen meetings with Texas between 1984-1997, including 1989's embarrassing 50-7 win in Austin. 50-7? Baylor's only scored 107 points total during their past seven trips to Austin.

Since the formation of the Big XII, Baylor has seen its once-respectable football program freefall to the bottom of the conference cellar. They haven't been to a bowl game in so long that their own fans probably don't remember the last trip, and the last time they actually beat Texas -- in 1997, when the Horns imploded the John Mackovic era and finished 4-7 -- exuberant Baylor fans ripped down the Floyd Casey goalposts.

The goalposts at DKR- Texas Memorial Stadium will remain safe tomorrow. There's no chance of a Baylor win, and few if any expect the Bears to even stay competitive past the opening drive of the game. The Horns haven't allowed the Bears to score since 2001, so any kind of points would have to constitute a moral victory. I'll put their chances of scoring on Saturday at about the same level as my own.

Texas 52, Baylor 0


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