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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Blog: Astros Fans, Where Art Thou? 

Per Baseball Blogs, only the Marlins have fewer blogging fans than Houston. It lists six blogs devoted to the Astros. Many teams are well into double digits, including the Cubs and Red Sox, who both have more than fifty.

Why is that?

To be fair, BB does not list Throws Like A Girl, or myself. I don't know why they neglect TLAG, as it's by far (in my estimation) the best Astros blog behind Astros Daily, which is much more than a blog anyway. As for myself, no, I'm not strictly an Astros blog. But of the 620+ posts in my six months of blogging, I'd guess than at least twenty-five percent have dealt with the Good Guys.

Anyway, in my post-victory exuberance, I spent a good hour cruising Astros sites to see what my blogging brethren were saying. I came across two blogs that I had not seen before: Home Plate in Space and the originally titled Houston Astros. Both look good, and I foresee HPiS becoming a daily must-read. Expect to find both on the blogroll as soon as I can shake off the weekend malaise.

Now I'm off to see what the fourteen Braves blogs have to say about the NLDS.


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