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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Astros: Predictions? 

Everyone is making their predictions for the MLB playoffs today -- everyone except me. I'm abstaining. But I love to see the love from all the neutral folks picking Houston to do well.

ESPN's Jayson Stark believes that the Astros will fall in the World Series to Boston (though you have to look hard to see it).

Meanwhile the ESPN Page 2 crew collectively has faith in the Stros. Two of the four have Houston losing in the World Series (to Anaheim and Boston, respectively), one believes they'll top the yankees for a World Championship, and the fourth things that St. Louis will squeak by them in the NLCS. hey, it's still a playoff series win, right?

CNNSI's Tom Verducci limited his predictions to the LDS, but he favors Houston over the Braves (as does his colleague John Donovan).

So the "experts" like Houston. What about the pajama-clad blogosphere?

The Godfather of baseball bloggers, David Pinto, also has only LDS predictions up. He gives Houston a 55% chance to oust Atlanta.

Jason from Idiots Write About Sports picks Houston over Boston in seven (though Phillip from the same site has the Stros losing in five to Atlanta)

Mike at the Book of Mike has Houston falling in six games in the Fall Classic to Anaheim. Hmmm... disappointing, but I'd take it.

Andy at Twins Killings doesn't fear the BBGs. He pegs his hometown club to beat the Good Guys in a six game World Series. That would be tougher to take.

Randy at Red Sox Haven thinks his club will end their curse at Houston's hand, and he picks them to dispatch the Stros in five.

Tomorrow I'll look at predictions strictly from the Astros and Braves partisans.


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