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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Politics: Critiquing VP Cheney 

I love the way Scott Chaffin characterizes the Vice President's speech:

The utter lack of rhetoric, flourish, whooping and hollering, preaching, oratiario, whatever -- it's a pleasure to hear Ol' Lockjaw get out there and give the "here's the damn deal, a-holes, so listen up" speech that we need.
Emphasis was his.

Really, more speeches should open up with "Here's the damn deal." That's a phrase we should all use more often, especially those of us that get invited to the set of Hardball.

Imagine Zell Miller showing up there tonight, sticking a finger right in Chris Matthews' smug little face, and telling him, "Here's the damn deal, a-hole, so listen up." It might just wipe off Matthews' annoying smirk. If anything, maybe he'd shut his pie-hole long enough to let someone else talk.


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