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Monday, August 02, 2004

Politics: Bush's Policy Encouraging Terrorism? 

John Kerry (bypass registration):

"I believe this administration, in its policies, is actually encouraging the recruitment of terrorists," Kerry told "American Morning" on CNN. The administration hasn't reached out to other countries and the Muslim community, he said, and hasn't done enough to protect U.S. ports, chemical plants and nuclear facilities.

"Here we are today almost three years after September 11. We still don't have a national director of intelligence," Kerry told an audience of firefighters and first responders at the city's fire department.
(Emphasis is mine.)

How can he make ludicrous statements like these? Bush is encouraging the recruitment of terrorists? How so? Maybe in a broad, "terrorists hate the USA" sense, his anti-terrorist actions have led to increased recruitment. But does that mean we should scale back the War on Terror so that we don't risk goading terrorists into increasing their numbers? And if we haven't done enough to protect U.S. ports, chemical plants and nuclear facilities, then why have we not seen a subsequent terrorist strike in the post-9/11 era?

Kerry's lament over not having a national director of intelligence is even more baffling. Aside from the fact that adding another layer to the intelligence bureaucracy could actually prove disadvantageous, the 9/11 Commission's recomendation to add such a position came just a few weeks ago.

I realize that political grandstanding is a necessary evil during a campaign blitz, but if he's going to make transparent charges, then perhaps Kerry should stick to "every vote will be counted."


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