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Monday, August 09, 2004

Longhorns: Transitioning to Football 

It starts today! (bypass registration with Bug Me Not).

The Texas Longhorns will spend this afternoon moving in, and tomorrow morning they'll look to move on -- from a disappointing 9-3 2003 campaign. The LM Blog will move on as well. I'm not tossing the Astros completely on the garbage heap, but with their playoff hopes all but dashed, it's time to start thinking football.

From the tattooed longhorn on my arm, to the autographs on the faded 1987 Texas-North Texas program (my first UT home game), to the musty dogeared copy of Bleeding Orange that I still thumb through each Fall, I bleed Burnt Orange. So does Matt. Starting today, through the next five months, expect to see much of the content on here reflect that.

Oh I intend to continue furthering the "vast right-wing conspiracy," and you'll see plenty of celebration on here when President Bush brushes John Kerry aside in November. But it will be sandwiched between a review of the LM's trip to Boulder, and a preview of the next week's Oklahoma State game.

Hook'Em Horns!


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