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Friday, August 06, 2004

Astros: Turn Out the Lights 

I'm done. Last night's 6-5 loss to Atlanta -- the most frustrating loss of the season, in my opinion -- sealed the Astros postseason fate, I'm afraid. Yep, it's over.

The Astros are not going to win the Wild Card.

Greater tragedies have happened, right? I'm actually proud of the guys for battling the way they have since the All-Star break. The team could have rolled over in early July and said "screw it," but they didn't. They played hard, and for a week or two, it looked like Houston had shaken the late Spring/early Summer rust, en route to a playoff run. It just wasn't meant to be.

Injuries and horrendous luck often spell doom in baseball. Combine them with a piss-poor bullpen, and you simply can't expect to attain anything more than mediocrity. Houston managed to toss all three ingredients in a blender, and in the end it produced a concoction called ".500 baseball."

So what now? Well I'll keep watching, or listening. Sure we have nine games upcoming with the 'Spos and Mets, but it's hard to recover from a loss like the one we saw last night. I'm hoping for the best. Maybe things can yet turn around, but the sooner I resign myself to a fate that's damn near inevitable, the fewer times I'll go to bed feeling as depressed as I did last night.


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