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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Astros-Cubs 6/1 

The Cubs have loaded the bases with no outs TWICE so far this game. Total runs scored from those situations: ZERO.

This is a bizarre game -- 3-3 in the 7th, with the Houston 'pen pitching lights out, and the Chicago bats disappearing in the clutch. I'm bracing myself for a wild finish.
ADDED: Call it the unpredictable nature of baseball -- Mike Lamb takes advantage of an inning-extending Todd Walker error by punching a Kyle Farnsworth fastball into left-center for a two-run double. That gives Houston a 5-3 lead headed into the bottom of the 8th.

BTW... David Pinto questions Jimy's logic in using Adam Everett to sacrifice bunt in the 1st.

I don't understand that. Sacrificing in the first inning makes sense if you believe one of the following:

-It's going to be a low scoring game.

-The opposing pitcher is extremely good.

-You think your offense if really bad.
I'd have to say none of these are true. Houston is 2nd in runs scored, so the offense is pretty good, especially the three guys coming up behind Everett... So Bagwell followed the sac with a HR, which would have scored Biggio from first as easily as from second. Williams blew the chance of Everett getting on base, in which case Bagwell might have had a three-run HR, and the Astros would have the lead right now, instead of a 3-3 tie.
The decision didn't bother me (granted, I'm a small ball proponent). Besides, Jimy likes to get the early lead, and the Astros haven't hit a lot of HRs this year. Yeah, they're second in runs scored, but way down the list in HRs, so it's hard to expect that. And when you're starting Brandon Duckworth on the road in a hitter's park against your chief rival, I think getting that lead is important. A young guy like that will probably pitch more relaxed, knowing that he has breathing room. We saw what happened in the 4th. With a tie game, he quickly lost his composure after giving up several baserunners in a tie situation.

ADDED: Chalk up the W! Octavio Dotel gets his 8th save and Houston hangs on for a 5-3 win.

Watching Dotel close out a game is a lot like eating a bowl of Texas Chili. The initial burst of heat gives you a buzz, but then you start sweating and fidgeting, and once it's done, bad or good, you're headed for the restroom.


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